Sunday, November 2, 2008

Follow-Up on DU Security...

To follow up on Maryann's Security on Campus, I wanted to add my opinion in a posting, rather than a comment. I'd like to start off by congratulating campus security for doing as good a job as possible, given the fact that they are only security personnel and are not in the official business of law enforcement. However, I believe that if students want to feel like security is effective, an appropriate uniform should be distributed. As of now, DU security staff, who are not students, wear the right gear, in my opinion. They look professional.

On the contrary, students working for security, need a much better uniform. DU student security workers are uniformed with a navy blue polo with the Dominican logo that reads underneath: "Campus Operations." Du student security workers are also equipped with a 2-way radio. When I was doing an investigative piece a few weeks ago at Concordia University, I met their student security workers and couldn't believe they were only students! They looked like the real deal. Concordia student security workers wore uniforms that appeared to be that of a regular police officer...minus the gun.

The uniform for students working security at Concordia is a blue button-down shirt with badges on either shoulder stating they were official and trained. There was also a badge on the front right pocket and an engraved, silver name tag on the left front pocket. The two student security workers wore black uniform pants and even black uniform boots. A specialized, police officer-like belt was also part of the uniform. By this I mean, there were special tools secured in a designated area on the belt...completely legitimate to that of a RFPD's belt...again, minus the gun. The Concordia student security workers also had much more compact, modern 2-way radios that weren't close to the size (or I imagine the weight) of those radios used by DU security.

When I went to the security station/office at Concordia, I was also very impressed. Even the female student working the desk had the same uniform as the men patrolling the campus. She was also equipped with a head set that corresponded with this fancy radio system they had for their campus.

My point is this: If DU student security workers looked the part, more than they do now, the Dominican community would most likely take them more seriously. I believe that our student security looks pretty much like any other students on campus. I mean, how many students wear a polo and jeans?? A LOT. If they were suited in a legit uniform, their presence on campus would be much more effective. As a result, maybe more people, and hopefully Maryann, would feel more secure on Dominican's Campus.


  1. I just wanted to comment and say that I work for security at the switchboard and I would probably not work for them if I had to wear a complete "security" outfit. I would look ridiculous. And also as an FYI our blue shirts say "Campus Operations."

  2. Ooooh, sorry for the incorrect fact. But, this prooves my point even more. What is "campus operations" and why is it posted on the security uniform??? If it were an emergency and a DU student or visitor needed assistance, how would they know that a security worker was with security when the shirt says "campus operations"???

  3. what can students do though if an emergency occurs? Just call 911 ?

  4. Call 911....IF you get cell phone reception on campus.