Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Did It

Yes we can.

No, you can Barrack Obama. Last night, history was made. The United Stated of America elected its first ever African American president. The votes came in, the people were heard. They wanted Obama.

Throughout the election, Dominican has been mildly involved, trying to energize students to vote and stand up as young, educated Americans. It seemed like the university was fairly split as far as democrats and republicans go, but no one could ignore the importance of this election.

I went home on Tuesday to vote and eat "election dinner" with my family (cute, I know.) When I returned, many of my friends were frantically rushing through the door on their ways to the rally downtown. I was on duty and had to be at the desk.... and very jealous.

After a few hours of election coverage, my hope rising and falling at each state projection, I noticed several other residents watching the TV as they passed by. Some were excited, others didn't really care. But when the anchors finally announced that Obama had been elected, you could almost hear a pin drop.

People froze throughout McCain and Obama's speeches. It was a really exciting and historical moment for everyone. I knew that this would be one of the few things in my lifetime that I would remember for a long time and would be proud to tell others I was a part of it.

No matter who you voted for, this is a new time for America. Things will be changing. Yes we can.

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