Monday, November 3, 2008

Trouble with voting for residents

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On the eve of the presidential election, some residents at Dominican who are voting absentee are running into problems. I found out this evening that senior resident Anne Marie Barrett filled out the form to receive the absentee ballot, but her ballot was sent home - not to Dominican where she is currently residing.

This is especially frustrating for her because her home is in Colorado, which is most definitely not close. She warned another out-of-state resident that they should call home to check if their absentee ballot was sent home rather than to Dominican. The other person hadn't received their absentee ballot yet.

Even though Barrett checked the absentee ballot application "5 or 6 times", it still didn't get sent to the right place.

Are any other out-of-state residents having the same problem?

For anyone who doesn't know, Colorado is currently a swing state in this election, so either presidential candidate has a good shot at winning the state since it's a toss up. Anne Marie Barrett said that she was almost relieved that she didn't receive her absentee ballot because she's still undecided as who to vote for. She thinks that it's such an important decision though a hard one since neither of the candidates are perfect. It's not an easy choice.

Another senior resident Cassie Hileman designated time to figure out the candidate she would vote for. She found to be a helpful site in laying out the issues and going through candidates' stances on the issues. She has already voted.

Also, somewhat related, the campus bookstore is offering 20% off of any general reading books in the bookstore if you show them your "I Voted" sticker as proof you voted. The discount will be offered tomorrow (Election Day) and the day after that. I thought this was a cool thing for the bookstore to do. I have a "I Voted" sticker from when I voted early in October, so I may take advantage of the offer.

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