Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VOTE!......or shrug

Voting is one of the most important thing an American can do. If you're not happy with something in our government, vote to change it.

Still, it seems like some people are still having a problem with this idea, especially at Dominican. I spoke with many of my friends and classmates who were not planning on voting. Why, I ask them. Responses varied from being too busy or too far from home. The DU stars seemed to be suffering from general apathy when it came to this crucial election.

While my parents have always pushed us to vote and have your voice be heard (this election, all six members of my family voted), it seems that many do not share that enthusiasm. Many non-voters explained that it didn't really matter how they voted anyway. I proceeded to respond with "Well, what if EVERYONE felt that way" which issued a shoulder shrug and grunt. It really is upsetting to see that so many of my fellow Dominicans have little interest in voting. This attitude makes me concerned for the political road ahead of us.

I was shocked when speaking to one of my friends, senior Laura Joseph, who confessed that she wasn't even registered to vote. Huh? It takes five minutes and can have a huge impact on our future. Alas, I suppose I cannot push my voting enthusiasm on everyone for this election. But I can do something for next time.

While it may be too late to vote today, I urge everyone to get out there and register so you are ready come election day. Check out Rock the Vote for more information on getting registered and letting your voice be heard.

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