Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Caritas and Veritas

In the light of Founder's Day, I thought I would look a little bit into our Dominican history with the meanings of Caritas and Veritas. These two words are an important part of our universities mission and culture, but do we all know what they mean? In the TORCH orientation session our freshman year, we all learn the basic definition of Caritas and Veritas, which is truth and love. As Dominican students do we really follow these two words? Are we as truthful and loving as our Founder's expect?

Chances are no. I would like to believe all of the Dominican community believe in these two small words, whether or not they follow them in their actions is a different story.

So the real question is what does Caritas and Veritas mean to you?

To me they simply mean I should learn and work with passion and care. I should put forth my best effort in everything I do.

(The photo is of the Dominican crest located in the front of Lewis Hall behind the Switchboard.)

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