Sunday, November 2, 2008

Are they cracking down on Athletes?

Recently I have noticed more and more athletes actually getting reprimanded if they get "written up" for alcohol on campus. In the past it has seemed many student athletes would have the same punishment of community service, and have no consequences from their coach. It makes me wonder if the athletic department is really cracking down on their athletes.

I have heard in the past few weeks that athletes are being suspended for games as a punishment even if they are not in season. If this is true; I think it is a very good idea. Suspension from games will not only help to build a better athletic program, but also healthier, smarter and more responsible athletes on campus.

As stated last week in our blog the athletes were also required to attend the "Drunk Sex or Date Rape" lecture. Is this another move to crack down on athletes?

Junior woman's basketball player Jane Killmar said she wasn't sure why she was required to go as an athlete, but "it was an informative and eye-opening lecture. It would have been beneficial for any student to go."

The main question that remains in my mind is - Will anything be affective? Athletes (or anyone) can be reprimanded, suspended or required to attend lectures, but will still continue to act as college students. I give two thumbs up to the athletic departments efforts no matter the outcome.

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