Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DU Students Take Advantage of Late Night Science Labs

Freshmans Yasen Asmanov, Walid Mohammad and Valerie Tolomeo, all biology majors, took advantage of the science lab last night. The students were allowed access to the labs to review for the lab practical, a test based on lab work. The students are enrolled in BIO 111, a general biology class. Their first dissection project: a fetal pig.

Mohammad and Tolomeo examine the specimen.

Asmanov compares the kidneys: the real deal v. the illustration.

Even the microscopes were accessible for the students.

I think this is pleasing to see students taking advantage of the open labs. If journalism students had the opportunity to spend late night hours on multimedia projects, I'm positive that most of us would.

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  1. You know I would! That's awesome.

    Nonetheless, I am very thankful for the technology and equipment we truly have at our disposal here at Dom. Voice recorders, flip cameras, and the like all make reporting life MUCH easier.