Wednesday, November 5, 2008

CSA Haunted Tours: Video

Here are the video highlights at the 11:20 PM tour I went on during Commuter Student Association's Haunted Tours the Thursday before Halloween.

FA 114 is the most haunted room in all of Dominican according to the tour guide Dan Wawzenek.

Tour guide Dan Wawzenek explains that the spooks in FA are not fake after something happens that sets some people on edge.

Every Physical Plant worker hired to work overnight...after being in the Fine Arts building, they have to quit within four months. The tour guide tells the story...

The ghost stories in Lund Auditorium. Our tour guide told us some of them in the darkness outside of the Lund Auditorium. After this, we went into the Lund to sit there in the dark with only one light shining on the stage. We had to sit there for five minutes and wait and see if we would witness anything supernatural.

A few people were positive that something brushed past their leg or touched their feet - and they were certain it wasn't someone in the group. Is it true? Who knows. I have to say that those were one of the longest five minutes of my life.

Though I tried to not make much of it - sitting in a place after hearing ghost stories surrounding it is not easy. Especially when you're almost in complete darkness and it's nearing midnight.

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