Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DU Fine Arts Building Transformed into Polling Place

After my 10:00 class this morning, I walked out of the Fine Arts building as usual. I was shocked to see that the main hallway was a polling place for today. I knew Dominican would be a polling place, but I figured that the polls would be located in a more concealed location.

I voted today, and in the 2004 election, in my home town of 5,000 people, Spring Grove, Ill. Well...the polling place has never been crowded (like I saw on the news a couple days ago) and the polling booths are in a concealed conference room. If I was to vote at Dominican, or any other open-area polling place, I don't think I'd like people walking through...especially not loud, obnoxious college students (no offense anyone). I think it would be completely distracting. How about you?


  1. I voted today in Dominican's Lund Lobby. It wasn't concealed, but I didn't really mind. It was too convenient to pass up.

  2. Absolutely! I agree. I mean, it is simple, but still an intricate process. Those polling stations seem too open; not quite private enough. Maybe they had to do it in this manner due to the population in the River Forest area? I'm sure it's easier for smaller suburban towns to have more private voting locations. Still, I wouldn't necessarily want to vote in this manner.

  3. I wish I had registered to vote at Dominican. I had to drive an hour back home just to cast my vote.