Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fired Bullet Found on Campus: FROM WHERE???

As DominiNET is becoming more familiar with DU students, tid-bits of information are beginning to be leaked to me and my fellow bloggers. This afternoon, two freshman, Ashton Baran and Conrad Sewinski, were walking outside as usual from the first floor of the library towards the fine arts building via the sidewalk. The students were strolling along until Baran noticed what appeared to be a bullet lying on the sidewalk. "We spotted it on the sidewalk and I picked it up. I was surprised to see it was actually a bullet," Baran said.

"It looks like the bullet hit something. I'm pretty sure it was shot," said Sewinski. Although he is not a fire arms expert, Sewinski does have previous experience with fire arms from hunting with his father. The picture below clearly shows that the tip of the bullet was dented. This only happens once the bullet is shot and hits something.

Is it typical to find fired bullets on a college campus? Did anyone hear gun shots ring out? Was it in celebration of Obama's victory? Was it an attempted act of violence? Who has a gun at Dominican???


  1. News. Here. First. DominiNET.

    No, seriously though, that is some crazy shiz right here! Fired bullets don't just show up out of nowhere...

    The investigation has begun.

  2. The question is: Did someone shoot something on campus? Was it a stray from somewhere else (the Forest Preserve, maybe)? Or did someone just dump it here on campus? The questions are: who, where, when, why and how. (The what they've figured out.)

  3. I've alerted campus security, just in case (although I hope it's not the case) that no one has reported this to them yet.

  4. I've since learned from DU's campus safety and security office that we have filed a report with RFPD and security has also talked to the author of the blog. Our security office is handling things, and I was told by security that the bullet was being given to the police.

  5. Wow, that is crazy. I hope Dominican is taking this very seriously!