Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Students Gather to Witness McCain Concession Speech

When Barack Obama was announced as the 44th President of the United States earlier this evening, I was there with a group of 7 students in the library link watching the election unfold. As we stood there watching the massive victory celebrations in Grant Park and the somber concession convention in Arizona on CNN, students weighed in with various comments on the fate of their candidate of choice.

"I'm happy, its a bit surreal. Its a big step towards bridging that racial gap," said Kasani Jamison, post baccalaureate, giving a first reaction to Obama's victory.

"I'm worried about my future plans and how Obama's policies will affect them," says senior Brett Wassink, a conservative disappointed about the election outcome.

As I post this, students are still gathered awaiting Obama's victory speech. Some students discussing the outcome, some doing homework, some just eagerly watching the television.


  1. I'm still speechless in regard to this whole evening; being in the midst of downtown Chicago.

    ...But not speechless enough to post a superBlog about it soon! ;)

  2. There was a similar situation in the Coughlin Commons when I was on duty. Everyone just sort of stood there, glued to the television. During Obama's speech, people were thrilled. It was really exciting to see that many people energized about the election, and, more importantly, the outcome.

    Enforcing quiet hours with the residents was a little difficult last night, but who could blame them?