Saturday, November 8, 2008

Men's Soccer Victory!

After the game!

The boys celebrate their victory!

Tailgater Derek Stone tries to stay warm.

The boys on the field!

Juniors Juan Carlos Saldana and Trinidad Correa watch their teammates.

Here's to a big congradulations to the Dominican University Men's Soccer Team! Today, the boys won the conference championship and now have an automatic bid to the national tournament! Dominican played against Aurora University and won four to zero! The time and the location is undecided for the national tournament.
"This is my third conference championship," said junior Nico Toro. "I was extremely happy how we played and how we rallied in the second half. This is my first automatic bid!"

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  1. GREAT post, Maryann. I would've gone to the game but it was way too cold to sit there for an hour! I love the pics....especially the one of Derek with the baby BBQ grill. Nice job.