Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Reasons behind Officer Training

Last week I had a posting titled "What is the Point of Officer Training?" . In this post I mentioned my problems and concerns with the officer training sessions required of student club officers each month.

I recently spoke with Rachel Costello, Coordinator of Student Involvement, to find out the goals and reasons behind officer training.

"These training sessions are meant to first educate new officers and then bring leadership to the next level for experienced officers," Costello said.

This is a legitimate reason for officer training, but student leaders have been through countless training sessions in the past. According to Costello, this is one of the main concerns when planning officer training.

Costello said she is trying to make the sessions more fun and interesting, so students will want to attend. She plans the sessions so they relate to problems she sees occurring with the clubs.

This month's training was about burnout and stress, which is a concern to all students right now, as the end of the semester creeps up on us. They talked about how to manage your own responsibilities, but also how to keep your members involved towards the end of the semester.

"Officer training is really meant to better yourself and your organization," Costello said.

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