Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Father Mazzucchelli Statue Coming to Founder's Court

A one-and-a-half times lifesize bronze statue commemorating the life and educational works of Father Samuel Mazzuchelli will soon be constructed in Founder's Court, located in front of Parmer Hall, according to Amy McCormack, Vice President of Administration, and Sr. Diane Kennedy. Both women are members of a committee working to make the statue a reality sometime in the next year.

"It [the proposed statue] will be a three-figure sculpture with Father Mazzucchelli being the dominant figure, with a Dominican sister and a student being a part of the piece as well," said McCormack. "The one-and-a-half times lifesize is still in debate, as there is concern about it being big enough [in comparison to] the size of the building," she said.

The statue will be built in the middle of Founder's Court, a small, round, grassy plot situated in front of Parmer Hall's glass atrium, between the two major wings of the building.

Sr. Diane Kennedy, head of the committee on the statue, said that an artist has been selected to work on the piece.

"We have made a selection on the artist," said Kennedy, who was unable to reveal the name of the artist at publication of this story. Kennedy also stated that the committee is in the final stages of negotiation with the artist and the donor of the piece, to determine a way to accommodate the preferences of both parties before contruction begins.

According to Kennedy, the concept of the work has been determined, and the statue will focus on Father Samuel's work as a teacher of science.

"Father Samuel will be a seated figure, very intense, he will be in the act of teaching," said Kennedy. "He will be facing the atrium, while the student and sister will be facing outward."

"A telescope will also be a part of the sculpture, as a symbol of scientific education and interest," she said.

Kennedy also noted that the university is unsure how long it will be before dedication of the statue, but said the artist projected it would take 3 months for construction of the piece. This is well ahead of the previously projected 9 months to one year timeframe originally projected, according to McCormack.

"Dedication of the statue was originally planned for Founder's Day 2009 (Nov. 4), but now it could be sooner than that," said McCormack, who along with Kennedy stressed the University's desire to dedicate the statue on a day of importance.

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