Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chicago's Media Down the Street from Dominican

After a long 8-hour day at Dominican yesterday, I was anxiously driving home. I was hurrying spend time with my mom (who was visiting my sister and I) and to walk my dog, Romeo. Plans changed, as they often do when a hungry journalist is ready for a story. I saw ABC 7's live truck at parked on Augusta right in front of Concordia University. I wondered, "Hmmmm......Why is 7 here?" So I turned around, parked and approached the photographer.

After I told him about my internship at NBC this summer, he was glad that a random person wasn't bothering him (as countless, nosey people do when out on a story). He was excited that a fellow journalist was there. Not just a bum. So we spoke, he told me John Garcia was in the truck and I asked him questions: Was there breaking news? Did something happen? What's going on?

He filled me on about Concordia's huge press conference that was held earlier that day.

Fifth Third Bank offers sixth graders in the the surrounding area possible opportunites to attend Concordia University for free if they can maintain their grades throught middle school and high school. Click here to watch ABC 7's John Garcia for more.


  1. I heard about this from one of my classmates today. I guess there was an article in the Sun-Times. I think it is a pretty good public relations/publicity tool for Concordia...good for them.

  2. That's cool. I did see a bunch of media trucks there yesterday. But today (and yesterday, for that matter) I saw a squad car and fire trucks at Dominican. So I went to check it out.

    Some girl locked her keys in her car.

    How many River Forest cops and firefighters does it take to use a slim jim? Ha.