Saturday, November 22, 2008

Commuter Student Appreciation Massage Video

As Charlotte promised in her post Thursday, here's the video of commuter massages. Massage therapist, Melanie Rottmann, gave five minute massages to all commuters that signed up.

Even Charlotte and I received our free commuter massages. Check out this video for more.

P.S. residents, resident massages are coming soon.


  1. Thank goodness Res massages are coming!! I just thought we were going to get left out...

  2. @anonymous: Aw, it wasn't about "leaving out" resident students! I think it was more geared toward getting us commuters involved on campus. =) Residents are definitely more likely to already do so since they live here!

    @Natalie: again, excellent footage. Yay teamwork! And boy, was that massage FANTASTIC!

  3. Watching the video of the massages makes me want to get one as well. I remember that closer to finals, residents were able to get free massages. I should definitely take advantage of the opportunity this time - wish I had before.