Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sustainability Program

Dominican currently has a new plan for sustainability in the works. This new program seeks to monitor the current and future ways in which Dominican can become more environmentally friendly and energy-conscious.

Goals for the program include assessments of the university's energy savings and expenditures, replacing windows in older buildings to keep warm or cold air in, management of water, and other various initiatives aimed at making Dominican a "green campus."

According to Amy McCormack, vice president of Administration, the program is currently seeking a dedicated intern to carry the project into the future.

"We're currently aiming the program at younger students," said director of Buildings and Grounds Dan Bulow, who is collaborating with others in the community on the project. "We're looking for someone who's going to be here for a while."

The program could have countless benefits for the university, chief among them reducing the student costs by reducing the amount spent paying energy bills, according to Bulow.

DominiNET will be reporting more on this program as it develops.

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