Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I wanna be Stephen Kinzer when I grow up.

And I told him so, yesterday. Dork, I know.

Yesterday he spoke to our Intercultural Communications class, and again, our discussion was not only fascinating, but very inspiring. My classmates and I had read Overthrow over the course of this semester, and he was coming to answer our questions on the 300-page book. While we talked about the facts of America's imperialism, he also interjected much of his funny quips and natural wisdom.

"I like everyone who's 'atypical.' Each of you is a unique, individual, separate part of creation."

"As Americans, WE think we have the key (to how other nations should live). This illusion comes from our narcissistic view, that thinks culture doesn't matter. It's been said, 'Better 40 years under a tyrant than one day under foreign rule.'"

"We should represent our true values! Look at past interventions and learn from them."

"It's also been said: 'The happiest countries, like the happiest women, have no history.'"

"I realized I didn't have any other abilities! If I didn't make something of writing, I'd be sleeping in the gutter."

It was that last quote that really got me. As a writer, I know that if I don't make a career of it, I won't be able to do anything else. His humor and wisdom was inspiring, and I suggest everyone utilize him before the end of the semester!


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