Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bullet Investigation....Part 3

So, once again, River Forest police were at Dominican inquiring about the fired bullet that was found. My original posting stated that the bullet was found Thursday, Nov. 6. This is a factual error. In fact, the bullet was found Tuesday, Nov. 4. I apologize for the mix-up.

That said, the police are still working on getting to the bottom of the finding. R.F.P.D.'s Deputy Chief Kendra Sullivan was finally reached for comment. "(Dominican University) asked us to look into this. It's still under investigation. Officer Fields is following up in conjunction with our detectives." Yesterday, Officer Fields, the community liaison for DU and R.F.P.D., contacted Ashton Baran to meet where the bullet was found. Baran walked Fields step-by-step as he and Conrad Sewinski did when they noticed the bullet.

The original posting, not only led campus safety to alert police, but police also spoke with Trudi Goggin, dean of students, and Norah Collins, assistant dean of students. Goggin said: "The fact is, there was no sign of damage to Dominican property that indicated a gun was fired here. There is no proof based on what was turned. Someone could have taken the bullet from a shooting range, put it in their pocket and dropped it there accidentally."

I am still waiting for a copy of the police report. I submitted a Freedom of Information Request Friday, Nov. 7, and have not yet received it.

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  1. Great photos; you are obviously everywhere the action is!

    Thanks for the follow up! I'm pretty sure Dominican students aren't packin' heat, and I think the admin is probably correct that it wasn't fired on campus. Can't wait for the FOI report for additional details, though. Keep us posted (as if I have to tell YOU that)!