Thursday, November 20, 2008

dominiNET: HIT IT!

This morning, circa 9:56 a.m. CST, two bloggers, who shall remain anonymous, did a little thousand-flier-drop on the students.

Said bloggers did return to the scene two hours later to scoop the remaining flyers that hadn't been claimed by excited dominiNET fans--and also, not to "litter" our beloved campus.

Throughout the day, if you were on campus, you undoubtedly noticed our not-so-subtle guerilla marketing of the blog.

Someone took many of our fliers down, but it worked! People were reading!

To all who are checking in here on a daily basis, thank you! We really are striving to represent the voice of the students, and bring all current events and on campus happenings to light. We know you're reading, but we also want to hear from you! Comment, agree, disagree, discuss! We want dominiNET to be a sort of open forum where all of us can feel like part of the community, residents and commuters alike.

Again, thanks for the support, and leave us your feedback!


  1. omg. Our efforts did, without question, raise awareness with STUDENTS on campus. Although some may not agree with our promo style, it simply mirrored the world of blogging: Immediate. In your face. Here it is. Enjoyyyyyyyyy.

  2. Wow, this has been going on since September and I find out now, at the end of the semester? Anyway, can you guys make this blog available for anyone (student/faculty/staff) at Dominican to post? Of course, the message would have to go through you, but can it be done?

  3. Not sure about that. You'd have to speak with the professor, Tracy Schmidt. But you can pass story ideas on to any dominiNET bloggers!

  4. Marketing 101. Well played, Prof. Schmidt.

    I would have thought an icon, a logo or screenshot would've encouraged or informed people more, but after thinking about it, that could come off as gimmicky and like a sale. It's better to keep the air of mystery in just the URL, a take out of the playbook of J. J. Abrams.

  5. Way to be environmental.

    I like the blog though!

  6. According to our site traffic, Domininet received 285 unique visitors on Thursday with 645 page loads.

    Unfortunately I don't have date going back to the beginning of the semester--wish I'd thought to install a site traffic monitor earlier--but it shall be quite interesting to see what posts get the most views.

  7. @anonymous: It really wasn't 1000 fliers; more like 50. And we picked up the remainder and posted them around campus so it's not like they just went to waste in the stairwells.