Monday, November 17, 2008

The Laramie Project comes to Dominican

This Friday, Nov. 21 are auditions for the play "The Laramie Project." This play, written by Moises Kaufman and the Tectonic Theatre Project is a true story about the murder of a homosexual college student in Laramie, Wyoming. He was brutally beaten by two other young men.

Theatre major Stefanie Greenman is auditioning for the play on Friday. She has also read the play and seen the movie. She believes this play will "make Dominican's Theatre Arts program more well-rounded and add to it."

Germaine Goetz Sota, Associate Professor of Theatre and Chair of CAS, Music and Theatre has taught and studied the play in her Theatre American Scene class, THEA 270.

She said that "this play is very powerful and should be read by everyone. It comes to terms with this act of violence and allows change to occur in the reader."

I am enrolled in Professors Goetz Sota's class and really enjoyed reading "The Laramie Project." It deeply describes the hate-crime that occurred in this small town and is very moving.

"The Laramie Project" is set to play February 27 - March 1 in the Martin Recital Hall.

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  1. I'm taking a fundamentals of acting class, not that I need instruction on being a 'drama queen' lol, and we talked about this play for a good portion of the class this afternoon. My teacher, Krista Hansen, was the brilliant director of Into the Woods, which was performed over the weekend. I'm excited that DU's performing arts program is supported by the university as some schools tend to neglect the arts in preference to science. Yay to the my fellow right-brained people!!