Monday, November 17, 2008

DU's Pool is not Forgotten

As I walked through the old grill area a few days ago, I noticed someone had pulled down the coverings of the windows, which lead to the old pool. This grabbed my attention because the light was on. I could see the rusty walls and empty hole, which was once a place for exercise and relaxation.

This caused me to do a little digging into the fate of the space that occupies the retired pool, which if new to Dominican, may not know even exists. According to an article in The Dominican Star Nov. 7, 2007 issue, "The pool was built in the 1920s and has not been renovated because of the expensive cost and difficulty it would take to rebuild something few use."

The article also states, "A construction date has not been finalized...some construction could start as early as next semester."

Now over a year later, the pool has not been touched. It still remains empty and unused by the campus community.

According to Dan Bulow, Director of Buildings and Grounds, although the pool area remains empty it has not been forgotten. Different ideas have been explored from turning it into a student union to making it additional space for athletics.

What is certain is that the pool will disappear. Bulow said a structural engineer has already been brought in to explore the idea of covering the pool with a floor, but no building has been scheduled.

As for now, the fate of this area is still in the deciding process. It continues to be part of Dominican's master plan, which included the building of Parmer and the parking garage, so it will not be a forgotten area forever.

(Slide show above is current pictures of the pool taken last week.)


  1. I hope they take advantage of this space sooner rather than later. Loved the slide show! A student union would be nice. More space for athletics would be nice. Perhaps a new Star cocktail lounge?

  2. I know that there is a huge 10 year plan for the school, which includes the restoration of the pool. The verdict of what it will become is still to be determined, but hopefully it will be worth DU's while.

  3. Great photos, Megan--albeit disturbing ones when you consider how close this is to the dining hall.

  4. Oooo I like Natalie's cocktail lounge idea. I wish the pool could be renovated. We need a pool both for fun and exercise.