Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear CSA: You've won me over.

If you would have asked me last year (or even at the beginning of the semester) if I participated in anything on campus besides attending classes, I would have said, "No. I come to Dom early enough to print my documents, go to class, and bolt to my car right after."

Well, that's all changed, and commuter student appreciation week isn't even over yet! When I heard about all the fantastic activities scheduled exclusively for non-residents this week, I made the conscious decision to attend as many as possible and see what the deal was.

I'm only on campus Tuesday through Thursday, and each day I experienced something great! In case you missed anything, here is a recap (and a preview of tomorrow) with a couple photos:

From myDU:

Monday, November 17
Campus Town Hall Meeting; 5:30p.m. in the Social Hall
Come and voice your commuter concerns to administration.
This I missed, but my colleague Tom posted a great video here.

Tuesday, November 18
Coffee with Commuters; 8:00a.m.—10:00a.m. in Lewis Alcove
Free coffee and donuts for all commuter students. Also stop by to share any commuter concerns you have, pick up commuter student resources and sign up for opportunities to be involved with Commuter Student Association.

No complaints here...

Wednesday, November 19
Graffiti Name Art 11:30a.m. in the Social Hall
Stop by to have an artist combine your name and hobbies into an original piece of art. Who got some cool name art? Send your photos in, I missed this!

Basketball Tournament; 7:00p.m– 9:00p.m. in the Gym

Hot action!

Movie Night featuring the Dark Knight; 9:00p.m. in the Social Hall
We walked through at 8:30 while they were setting up and saw popcorn and beverages galore! Talk about hospitality..

Thursday, November 20
Free Neck and Back Massages; 11:00a.m.—2:00p.m in the Cyber Cafe
Relieve some stress by enjoying a free massage.

Natalie and I--exhausted from late-night blogging and early-morning campus blanketing--took a marketing hiatus and received exquisite massages from massage therapist Melanie Rottmann. There was beautiful, tranquil music playing in the background, and Melanie was fantastic and thorough.

And of course, Natalie set up the tripod to shoot interview commuters receiving the massage--coming soon!

Commuter Student Association Meeting; 2:20p.m. in Lewis Lounge

Winterize Your Car; 5:00p.m. in Crown 002/003

I would love to hear from those who attended any of these events!

Coming tomorrow:
Friday, November 21

Hypnotist Frederick Winters; 8:00p.m. in the Priory Auditorium
Watch as Frederick Winters hypnotizes students and gets them to do crazy things.

Commuter students: what did you like about this week?

I would say this week was a success in me spending more time on campus than usual, enjoying all the goodies the Commuter Student Association had to offer. This semester I had slowly begun hanging around more often (mainly reporting for the blog & Star), but this week helped me get truly involved, meeting new people and interacting with the community.

Thanks, CSA and Student Involvement!


  1. You are hilarious. omg. Awesome post and can I tell you that I hate the pic of me. HaHa. But those massages were fantastic. Totally did relieve some of the stress we've been causing ourselves lately. lol...but I think it's going to pay off. soon.

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