Monday, November 17, 2008

Get The Word Out

This evening was Student Government Association's Town Hall Meeting. While the panel of university administrators (8 in total) answered a variety of questions, one comment caught my attention.

A commuter student asked a question about what student involvement is doing to get commuters more involved at Dominican. Bill Dlugokienski, Associate Director of Student Involvement, said that they "would really love to get them [commuter students] more engaged" though there are opportunities for commuters to get involved (Commuter Student Association, Stars On Wheels publication, etc.).

After Dlugokienski's answer, Dan Bulow, Director of Building and Grounds, cut in to bring up a point that relates to student involvement. It made me think of a previous post about the struggle to get students involved in different campus events. This extends to club and organization involvement as well.

Bulow commented that students should "band together and get the word out." There are chances like the Town Hall meeting to get pressing questions about university life, academics and more answered by university administrators. He said that "you have these administrators here" but there aren't a lot of students who are not a part of SGA. The Town Hall meeting is counted toward SGA attendance - all senators are required to attend. I did see a few people who weren't senators, though some of them were active members or officers of other campus organizations.

Campus Climate's Open Forum was also brought up by Trudi Goggin, Dean of Students. A student asked a question about class size and Goggin said that this issue was discussed at the open forum a few weeks ago.

I think it's good to have multiple chances within a semester to get questions answered by a panel of administrators. Who doesn't want an opportunity to get answers from administrators who cover different areas of Dominican University - from Chartwells to Building and Grounds - while they're available to take questions at the same time?

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  1. I agree- it's great to be able to talk to the higher ups directly, and all in the same place. People DO listen! Maybe some of us bloggers who have had questions and gripes can ask the admin directly about the pressing issues we students all face.