Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Achoo!! Colds at DU

As the weather cools and the leaves fall, an inevitable doom will pass through Dominincan: the cold.

Yes, those little bugs are everywhere, especially in the Res Halls. With late nights and close quarters, the passing of the vicious cold from student to student is like watching a row of dominoes fall. On my floor of Coughlin 2, it seemed to start slowly, working it's way down the rooms, one by one. Now, there seems to be an epidemic of sick freshman everywhere. Kleenex fills the garbage cans, sniffles echo in the hallway, and the NyQuil is passed around like a bottle of whiskey.

It's no wonder why everyone is getting sick. Students work hard and late on homework.....well at least late. Everyone lives close together and shares everything from pants to pillows to cups. Germs spread easily through the halls.

Help is in sight. There are some simple tips to avoid the cold from the The Parent Guide, besides hiding in your room until March.

1. Wash hands frequently

2. Drink plenty of water

3. Consume healthier foods and beverages.

4. Stay upbeat.

5. Get plenty of fresh air and gets some exercise.

6. Sleep

For now, follow these tips to avoid the cold or at the very least, make it less severe. See? Feeling better all ready!

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