Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Self-Segregation on College Campuses...

The issue of self-segregation was brought up by Dominican student Nadya Remy after we discussed diversity at Dominican. She mentioned that she saw a clip on YouTube where a student at Duke University interviews fellow students about self-segregation. There is a trend among college campuses, though high schools may have the same predicament as well, where students of the same race and ethnicity sit together at the same table in the cafeteria and hang out together.

I've seen this at Dominican and it has been discussed among my friends. It is an unavoidable subject as you look around the dining hall at lunch or dinner. I've definitely noticed how certain types of people sit together.

Now while ideally, college should be a time to mix and mingle with other people from different backgrounds; self-segregation may not exactly be an obstacle to that. Some students in the YouTube video say that it's easier to connect with others of the same background.

Even though self-segregation is prevalent on some college campuses like Dominican, the question is: is it negatively affecting the campus environment here? Or is it something that's just there, but it's not really detrimental to promoting campus diversity at DU?

Senior Nadya Remy gives her opinion on the issue:

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