Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What is the Point of Officer Training?

Dominican club officers are required to go to countless Officer Training sessions throughout the semester in order to follow the guidelines of Student Involvement. If you do not attend these sessions your club will be suspended.

This is the case with the wonderful Dominican Star. Myself and my Co-Editor Tom, see no point in these sessions. Honestly, we have not gone to any of them, which is our own fault. I just do not understand why the sessions are so frequent. I think I have done my fair share of leadership building exercises throughout my education. Eventually it gets over done.

I would be more inclined to attend these sessions if there was only one at the beginning of each semester. The late notice on the sessions is also not appreciated. I received an email Monday reminding me that officer training was Tuesday and Wednesday. I never received an original notice that we had training at all, so this was no reminder to me.

To anyone that has attended Officer Training, really what is the point?


  1. Agreed on all points. Totally silly policies.

  2. Especially considering the Star is on a totally different playing field than most student organizations/groups on campus. I remember John saying he was going to talk to student involvement (? or the equivalent) to see if the Star could be modified or something. What ever happened with that?!