Monday, November 10, 2008


Although my fellow blogger posted that DU does not recycle, my reporting has proven that posting to be false. I spoke with Samella Hargor, supervisor for the physical plant, Thursday afternoon hoping she could confirm or set straight the recycling issue. And she did just that.

Hargro said that Dominican DOES RECYCLE!! "The bags are color coded. All waste goes in white bags and all recyclables go in black bags." While maintenance may pick up all bags when making their rounds, Hargro said that recyclables and waste are separated for each designated dumpster.

Hargro said Dominican has always recycled. Although in previous years, paper recyclables were further separated from plastic, glass or aluminum, for the past several years, all recyclable materials are separated from the trash.

Here you see a physical plant worker making his rounds with both recyclables and waste. While they're in the same cart for the time being, he told me they'll be separated into each designated dumpster.

This is reassuring as some of my fellow bloggers and I were upset by the post stating that all waste gathers in one dumpster.
Whew!! I love the idea of going green and love that Dominican IS GOING GREEN!



  1. I am so glad to hear that we actually do recycle. I actually checked out a few garbage cans and the bags are different colors. Can we turn this into a story for the Star because I know many students would be interesting in this, as it has been a question for a while now.

  2. I think a story would work. As Diana posted in the original post regarding DU's recycling policy, (AND as you state here, Megan) it's apparently been a spark of interest among students. We'd definitely have to check the Star archives to see what's been done in the past and what angle the writer focused on. Maybe we can combine recycling with the ultra-trendy "Going Green" campaign that seems to be sweeping the nation. ......... Hence the recycled bags you can purchase and re-use over and over again at almost any grocery store, hardware store and major department store (like Target or Walmart). I actually purchased some and love using them because not only am I helping the environment one less bag at a time, but they can also hold more items and the bags do not seem as heavy.

  3. That sounds like it would be a really interesting story. We have to find someone to write it...and I love those environmentally friendly shopping bags too. They actually handed them out at the Bears game a few weeks ago as the freebie.

  4. I'm glad that my friend was proven wrong. This would be a great story for the Star. I personally believed that Dominican did recycle if they made the attempt to have recycling bins to separate items. The problem comes in when people throw away things in the wrong bin. Particularly all those plastic water bottles in the regular waste bin. Recycling is only successful if it works both ways. But good on the school for recycling - I'm very grateful for that.

  5. Glad you got to the bottom of this! Investigative journalism at its finest.