Sunday, November 9, 2008

PLEASE Come to Our Events!

This Wednesday night is CAB Mainstage’s Open Mic Night. DU students are encouraged to get up in front of that microphone and express themselves. There will even be ice cream sundaes!

Unfortunately, this event, like many others at Dominican, will most likely be poorly attended. As a member of CAB (and co-sponsor of this event) I have seen people go through hours of hard work for a program only to have maybe 20 out of our 1,600 students attend. It is disappointing to have such disinterest in something we thought would be awesome.

It seems that throughout campus, there is a general sense of apathy for most events and organizations here. Looking in the dining hall, the walls are plastered with butcher paper advertising countless events with prizes or free food or anything to get people the come. While there are the few that are gung ho about everything Dominican, most students would prefer to watch Grey’s Anatomy or play Halo. Many students have family or work responsibilities, but we would like to hold an event that people would clear their calendars for. That task, however, is not easily accomplished.

So Dominican, what can student organizations do to get YOU to attend events? Are there specific things you would like to see or participate in? Is there a better way to get you information about the going-ons of campus? Should we just promise everyone $10 to come the things?

What do you think?


  1. This isn't a new's always been hard to get people involved...even back when I was a student.

  2. It's sad to say, but I think people just don't care. Unless they are required to attend something for a class, most of the time the student will opt out. I know I have done this plenty of time in the past.

  3. A $10 gratuity might entice me to make the commute after class hours.

  4. A lot of the 1600 students are commuters (Maybe around 1100?). Also, when I was a commuter in my freshman year, I felt that the events were not welcoming enough because I didn't know anyone in the school (I'm also foreign). I felt that everyone already knew each other, had their groups already formed and inside jokes and I felt ignored. I also thought most of the events were reserved for the residents. But maybe that's just me.
    I also feel that there isn't enough information about WHAT the event actually is (sometimes).