Sunday, November 9, 2008

Then and Now!

Here is a picture of myself and my friend Lauren in kindergarden.

For one of the issues of the Star, I have a really great idea for my column. I have grown up in River Grove, IL since I was born and have known the same seven girls my entire life. Most of them live within a few blocks of my house. We were all best friends growing up and all through elementary school and junior high. As high school began, all of us began seperating into different activities and cliques. After graduation, I completely stopped talking to these girls except for one or two. Some girls when to DePaul, Illinois State, Elmhurst, Northern or Triton. Some of these women I have not seen since high school graduation! So, I Facebooked all of them to get together over X-mas break. I am going to talk to all of them about our lives now, and how they used to be. I also would like to take a before and after shot of us. I really hope that this will be a great way to unite with some of my them and maybe grown close once again.

Have any of you stayed in touch with old friends? What has been your experience with reuniting with them?


  1. That's a great story idea!

    Tuesday in my TV/Radio class we watched "35 UP" which is a longitudinal documentary following 12 individuals over the course of their lives. Starting with when they were seven years old, the producers returned to the men and women every seven years--14, 21, 28, all the way up to their late adult lives. Seeing the contrast in their childhood ambitions and what came to fruition was fascinating.

  2. i think this would be a really interesting story! last weekend, it was my best friends 21st birthday. we took a picture with one of my other friends and i realized that we've all been friends since we were in kindergarten. its just weird thinking back to that long ago i would have never thought that i could have stayed friends with the same people through elementary school all the way through college. i think it would be interesting for you to talk to people who have been able to stay friends with people either for a long time or even after friends have gone away for school. have fun meeting up with them and good luck on the story!

    -Adriane Lewandowski