Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dish Pick-up, the Trash & Unexpected Reward

This is going to be a somewhat mixed post. I wanted to give an update on the Chartwells Dish Pick-up on Power 2. Over the past week, I've noticed that there were about four or five dishes in the bin as well as most recently, glasses and utensils. The dishes are taken on the designated days (Tuesday and Friday). It looks like the dish pick-up service is catching on and more residents are utilizing it. Above, is a picture of what was in the bin today, but the same thing has been there since yesterday.

I want to follow-up on a comment I made here on Natalie's post about Recycling at DU. While it's great that DU does recycle and color code their bags to that effect, I get disheartened when I see items that clearly should be recycled aren't thrown away in the right bin. Now I am guilty of this too sometimes - it happens, but I hope there is a system that sorts out recyclables that are accidentally thrown out in the regular waste bin.

Case in point - the trash bin on Power 2 this morning (11/12):

A gallon of milk...shouldn't that be recycled?

An unopened Outtakes Chicken Caesar Salad is in the regular waste bin as well. Considering it is a plastic container, this should be in the plastic recyclable bin. But I think it is worse that it's been thrown out without even being touched/eaten. I admit I have thrown away unopened food items once in a while. But I'm always reminded of my sister's speech about how you should clean your plate because of all those people starving in the world. The food you leave on the plate and then throw away equals less food for those who deal with hunger everyday.

On a light note, not the best advertisement for the Chicken Caesar Salad (which is most likely from the Cyber Cafe): "So good, you could throw it right away!"

Finally, Show Your ID at the Coughlin Commons Desk. You just may get free candy.

The Hershey's candy bar I received this morning after I showed my ID without prompting. I don't know if it makes a difference if you show it without the desk person asking you or if they have to ask you. Either way, I was surprised when the Resource Desk Assistant stopped me and put a basket of candy in front of me asking me if I wanted a piece of candy for showing my ID.

I don't know if I just chose a lucky time of day or if this is something that will continue on for the rest of the school year. Judging by the Hershey's candy bar with its Halloween could just be leftover Halloween candy that they'd like to get rid of. If this didn't just happen to me, then I hope that others who got some free candy feel more incentive to show their ID in the future. As for me, I think it was a one-time thing, but if I get more candy for showing my ID in the future, then I'm all for it.


  1. It's Secret Candy Day! The desk will be doing this a few times throughout the year to get students to show their ID's. Basically, if you show the attendant your ID without being asked, you get candy! Sweet deal, no pun intended :)

  2. Recycling plastics are kind of tricky. Because there are so many different kinds of plastics, some cities see it in their interests to recycle some and discard others.

    I would talk to the waste management officials on who decided which plastics they can recycle. If the city does recycle plastics like milk jugs, then you can get on Dominican's ass about making the proper recycling bins available.

    Also know that recycling is by no means the law. You can throw out almost anything, except paint, car batteries and some other toxic materials. Ah, America!

  3. Chicago can recycle any plastic except number 6. Check the bottom before assuming it can be recylced!!