Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Recycling?: Not so much

Yesterday at lunch, some of my friends got into discussing recycling on campus. It started with a startling comment by one person who said she saw for herself that they put all of the garbage in one bag. No matter what the trash - unrecyclable waste or water bottles - it all goes in the same dumpster. Though Dominican has recycling bins with labels for what type of waste you should put in each (paper, plastic/glass); it may just be a futile effort for those who recycle.

Recycling on campus has been a recurring news story in the school newspaper, the Dominican Star, for years; but has anything really be done about recycling on campus?

Now there is a chance that the garbage is being separated later on after it is picked up by the garbage truck; but how can we know for sure? By how it looks now, I feel like my recycling efforts are in vain.


  1. Wow. What a dissappointment. This totally contradicts DU's efforts of going green. I think you should SERIOUSLY talk to someone about it. Chartwells? Maintenance? Jeff Carlson?

  2. I love recycling! If all of my efforts to separate my waste are for nothing, that would be, well, garbage.

  3. Talk to the city's sanitation director (or equivalent). My beat for my journalism class was waste and it was actually kind of fun. I went to the city's recycling area and saw people sorting recyclables, but this was sorting recyclables when they were all together, not including garbage. I highly doubt anybody is sorting recyclables from garbage.

    Ever wonder where all of your mulch goes? Now that's a fun place to visit. :)