Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dominican Magazine Online

Semiannually students, staff, faculty, and alumni receive the Dominican University Magazine in the mail. I personally really enjoy reading this publication because it gives a different look into the university that I normally wouldn't get. It sometimes profiles a specific student or event, but always gives alumni and faculty news as well as an "In Sympathy" section for the people we have lost in the past year.

I originally wanted to blog about how the Fall 2008 magazine is dedicated to the Arts. It is called "How the Arts and Humanities Shape Us." I really enjoyed this focus on the Arts because they have not been given much attention with the recent addition of Parmer Hall.

However, I decided to change my focus because I did some research of the magazine and found out it is online. It is not only available to download as a PDF, but is set up as a normal news website. If I had known this I would have been on the site reading the articles online instead.

With this new spirit of online journalism I was really excited to see this. I am debating if I should group the Dominican Magazine as journalism, though, because it is a publication created by university employees, so the opinions and writing styles can be bias. I think this would be considered more of a marketing or public relations piece.

Nevertheless, after all of the news website critiques we have done in class I think this is a pretty good site, considering the material they have to work with. It is well laid out, easy to navigate, and contains all necessary information. I give credit to the wonderful people in the OMC. I just wish I would have know this existed.

If you have not seen the current edition of the magazine, it can be found at the Dominican Magazine Online website, which is connected to Dominican's homepage.

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