Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tae Kwon Do at DU

Did you know that Dominican University offers a Tae-Kwon Do and self defense class every week? Well they do and it's held in the racketball court every Tuesday at 2:20. I got the opportunity to speak with the class's instructor, Conrad Sewinski. Sewinski is a freshman at Dominican from Park Ridge, Ill. Sewinski is patient with his students but maintains a level of discipline essential to any martial arts class. Here's a little background on the class, according to Sensei Conrad himself.

Here are also some photos of Sensei Conrad in action with his class. All are welcome to attend the classes each week.


  1. I LOVE CONRAD! i haven't had the chance to check out the class, but the interview really grabbed my attention. i didn't know that self defense mechanisms were incorporated into the class. what an awesome idea!