Sunday, October 26, 2008


This past weekend, my parents recieved a donation form from Dominican in their mailbox. First of all, I have not even graduated from Dominican yet! I think Dominican has a lot of nerve to send out donation forms to undergraduate students. As students we pay thousands per year to attend Dominican. I think it is one thing to ask an alum for a donation, but a student? I think my parents give Dominican a pretty good donation as it is. Students are taking out loans to pay their tuition. I think it is a little hard to see a donation card coming when you have a student loan to pay your tuition.


  1. I agree, Maryann. That seems like a bold move to make in a bad economy.

  2. Yes, I agree. It's far too soon. Tuition increases every year, the least they could do is wait until we've graduated to ask for donations.

  3. I know that as SOON as you graduate, there is the Alumni office with their hands held out for donations. It's like no one will have student loans or apartments to pay for, so they can just keep on giving to Dominincan. The thousands of dollars the past few years I guess just wasn't enough.