Monday, October 27, 2008

Thumbs Up for Chartwells

I's a shock that I have something good to say about the Chartwells food service here at Dominican. I was shocked myself, so found it necessary to share the brighter side.

This evening I was at the Cyber Cafe right before their 10 p.m. close. There was still a line, but the employees did not seem to be upset at all. The workers actually went out of their way to make sure all of the students were waited upon before closing, as they scanned every ID first and then made the food, so that it could register on time. Not only that, but an employee went out of his way to find one of the students a package of Cesare dressing in the back when he could have simply said "We are all out."

This excellent customer service really surprised me, but I can only wish it is like this every time I go to the Cyber Cafe in the future.


  1. Wow. Impressive. Goooo Chartwells, finally. Although we've determined that the Cyber Cafe was originally intended to be a back-up or alternative for commuters, it's proven to be a huge success with the entire Dominican Community. I still, however, think that the Grill should be re-opened up so the cyber congestion will be somewhat relieved. The offices that are currently in the Grill, should be it is still a kitchen!

  2. I agree that the Grill was a loss to the university. I know there are bigger and better places to meet and talk on campus now, but the Grill was THE place to be when I was a student. I also miss the patty melts they used to make.

    Back when I was a student (why does that make me sound old?) you couldn't use the meal plan outside the cafe.