Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Debate on U.S. Military Interventionalism Tonight

A debate on whether or not U.S. military interventions have actually been in the interest of world peace and stability will take place tonight in the Martin Recital Hall at 7 p.m. between Lund-Gill Chair Stephen Kinzer and esteemed author Max Boot.

With everything going on in the world today involving the United States (wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, discussion of military intervention in Iran and border incursions into Pakistan and Syria), these two experts in the field of American military intervention will take these and past events into account and will go head-to-head to decide whether or not we're helping or hurting when we send troops abroad.

If not for the extremely inconvenient timing of my night class, I would be in attendance. However, I urge students to attend this debate, as it takes on even greater significance given the events of this past weekend, when American troops supposedly crossed the Iraq/Syria border and attacked a farm, killing eight alleged "terrorists with links to Al Qaeda." Are we making the problem worse when we feel it necessary to breach the sovereignty of other nations? Or is it for their own good and the good of everyone in the world community? Go to this debate tonight and judge for yourself.

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