Friday, October 31, 2008

Chartwells: Desperate for Dishes?

An interesting post on myDU has shed light on a utensil crisis on campus. Chartwells is apparently running so low on dishes, they will now pick them up for you, should you wish to carry out your food to another dining venue on campus. Even if that venue happens to be the Residence Halls.

"Designated boxes" will supposedly allow students to just deposit dishes they've technically stolen in a convenient pick-up spot for some poor Chartwells employee to pick up twice a week. When I was a resident student two years ago, under the reign of ARAMARK, Dominican's previous food service provider, students still stole dishes from the dining hall. These would mostly end up as decorations for the tops of refuse containers at various points across campus. Those caught by the staff with these contraband dishes would surely be harassed by ARAMARK or (occasionally) a random Residence Life employee.

This is quite the interesting concept, a dishes pick-up on campus. I wonder if the same program has been put to use on other campuses serviced by Chartwells? I also wonder if students are actually going to pitch in and take their dishes to these drop-off points, instead of simply dumping their used and refused dishes at their nearest garbage can.


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  2. This posting, Tom, is a complete shocker. I can understand students taking their meals to other places, like the res halls, to eat; but I can't believe students just throw away the dishes. That's not eco-friendly.

    In order to save their supply of dishes, I think it's good for Chartwells to have the designated drop-off for dishes. The only thing that may be a concern or issue is the fact that they'll only pick up dishes twice a week. Ew. If students are reckless with dishes now by just throwing them away, I imagine they'll be just as lazy and reckless with the drop-off. Can you imagine walking by one of the drop-off bins and smelling the old, rotten food no one bothered to even try and wipe off?

    If Chartwells comes by only once a week, don't you think that will be a potential problem?