Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Math, anyone?

This semester I am enrolled in Math 150. After this semester, my math requirement will be satisfied. However, why do journalism majors even need to take math in the first place? Math and I have had a long, painful history. Ever since first grade I have struggled with it. Personally, instead of taking math, I would rather take classes for my major. I have to put a lot of effort into my math class, and I would rather be putting that effort into a class that will help me with my career. People frequently make the same argument with seminar classes, but I feel those classes are more interesting and relatively easier. Very few people find math enjoyable or easy. I know several other journalism, communications and English majors who are faced with the same problem.


  1. "However, why do journalism majors even need to take math in the first place?"

    Because journalists definitely need it on the job.

  2. When I was going to Dominican (then Rosary) I tested high enough in math that I didn't have to take a class for graduation. I still had to take two semesters of math for my degree that were lower than what I tested in.

    Good math skills are important in life; let alone is the professional world.

  3. Although we can access a calulator at almost any time in need...via our cell phones...Tim is totally right. Basic math skills are a MUST! No matter what profession you wind up in, math will always be something you'll need to have.

    For example, say you make a purchase with cash and the cashier shorts you on the change. Are you going to realize it if you can't do the math? Probably not. If you did realize it when you got home, it might be too late or the store manager would think you're really, really smart if you called for correct change 5 hours later!

  4. Journalism is a profession that reports on all professions, and almost all of them use numbers. The world uses numbers, so you have to use numbers. And well written English follows rules just like math does. If you're sloppy with numbers, there's a good chance you're sloppy with words, too.

    In addition, a lot of the analytical skills for Web/online journalism (HTML, software, maps, etc.) can come from the same skills of deduction used in math. If I ever interviewed someone with a dislike for math, they would never get hired.