Friday, October 31, 2008

Bon Villa Resident is Forced to Find New Home for Feline Friends

Halloween is supposed to be a day of fun-filled activities. People dress in costumes for fun and even to act as someone else...possibly masking their problems for the day or night. This Halloween is the opposite for Michelle Behnke and her roommate, Tiffany Albert. Behnke and Albert are DU student currently residing in the off-campus housing option, the Bon Villa. As I posted Monday, the girls are being forced to give up their kittens due to DU's policy on animals in residence locations. By 3:00 this afternoon, the kittens must be out of their apartment or the girls will face circumstances....possible eviction.

I spoke with Behnke yesterday and met her feline friends, Bleeker and Mabel. The kittens are adorable and have lived with the girls for two months. When the kittens entered their home, they only weighed 8 oz., Behnke said. Now they're about 3 lbs., cuter than ever and are heart-breakers....literally. Behnke said the cats will move into their new home later this afternoon. A neighbor in Behnke's home town will be fostering the kittens until Behnke can either break her lease with DU or move out in spring.

Behnke and the affectionate Mabel.

When we spoke yesterday, Behnke revealed the situation at hand and how she feels about it. In this video, you'll learn more and get the chance to meet her kittens.

I'm a total animal lover and have a furry friend of my own, Romeo. I can not imagine being forced to send my pup to live with someone else for the time being.

My pomeranian, Romeo, 1 year-old.


  1. I think that it would be devestating to give up a pet. I bet Bon Villa will lose more residents because of this.

  2. That breaks my heart! If I lived in Bon Villa I would hide my bb kitties from the pet nazis. So sad. I still don't think that's very fair...

    p.s. Romeo's a stud.

  3. Pet nazis....LOVE IT!!! and thanks, he actually has a charm on his collar that says "Stud Pup." Lol.

  4. Yes, this whole situation is just one big mess. I mean even, Evy from Res Life, only followed up with me because I was working at the front desk at the priory and she seemed to have a false sense of sincerity when she was asking about them, and she also apologized for not following up sooner. Her biggest problem is not following up, because if she had, we would have never had this problem to begin with.