Monday, October 27, 2008

Have Dominican's Admission Standards Risen?

Let's admit it, Dominican isn't the most difficult school to receive admittance to as a senior in high school. I am not knocking myself or the student body by any means, as we are all very intelligent college students bound for success if we so choose, but in the past few years our student body has grown extensively. Our freshman classes have been larger year after year. This makes me question the admittance standards. Has Dominican lowered the standards to admit more students or have we truly done the recruiting to admit the best and the brightest?

I recently spoke with a high school freshman who is very interested in Dominican. She is a honors student, has a high GPA, and both her mother and brother have attended Dominican, yet she has not received an acceptance letter yet and is becoming worried.

Does this mean that our standards really have risen? Is Dominican becoming a more competitive school in the Chicagoland area?

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  1. Well if on the one hand, the student body is growing, but then some students aren't getting in or don't think it'll be a cinch...who knows what is going on? With the always increasing freshman class every fall, I would guess Dominican isn't as competitive as it should be.

    But then again, I know a friend who attended DU and her brother who is in high school applied to Dominican. While he has really good ACT/SAT scores, the rest of his academic record didn't match up. He hasn't heard anything from Dominican yet, but my friend isn't sure DU will accept him because of the overall academic record.