Friday, October 31, 2008

CSA Haunted Tours: Photos

I went to Commuter Student Association's Haunted Tours that took place Thursday from 7 PM to 1 AM. I came a little after 9 PM to check it out. It was the first time that I went to this event - and while I thought going on the actual tour was the highlight of my experience, it was fun to see some of the costumes.

I also have video of Haunted Tour highlights (I went on the 11:20 P.M. tour), but I'll put the video clips in another post to divide things up.

Junior Cecilia Tobias dressed up as a "mental institution escapee."

Senior Anne Marie Barrett is dressed up as a robot or the Tin Man (from Wizard of Oz) - it's up to interpretation. Though the following night on Halloween, she was the Tin Man due to a plan among friends to dress up as different Wizard of Oz characters (Dorothy, Glinda the Good Witch of the North, Wicked Witch of the West) for Trick-or-Treating in River Forest.

Junior Megan Frankenbach, a member of DASH (stands for Domestic Abuse Stops Here), sits at the DASH table in her Pink Lady costume. DASH was one of the co-sponsors of Haunted Tours and had their own table for people to stop at during the event.

Front view of Frankenbach's Pink Lady costume.

Group of students at the Tour Registration table. Freshman Teresa Sadofsky (far right) dressed up as "The Joker", which was one of the more interesting costumes I saw during my time there.

Freshman Keila Marie Cruz dressed up as the "Twilight" (popular book series by Stephenie Meyer) character, Isabella Marie Swan Cullen or Bella. The back says "Team Edward: Because Jacob doesn't sparkle". Though this costume isn't as involved as the others, everyone seems to be talking about the Twilight books. This just shows how popular it is...

Throughout the tour I went on, a person dressed in the Scream costume (seen here on the steps in the Fine Arts building) wandered around outside and sometimes followed the tour group inside. The Scream person was true-to-form creepy and only made noises though the person was mostly silent and snuck around. I had a hard time getting a picture of the person because they kept running off.
Camera-shy outside of Lewis Hall.

Scream lies down face first on the floor at the Lewis entrance. The person put their head down before I could get a good shot. This is after I got a shot of Scream outside of Lewis...

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  1. great pictures! these people really were in the halloween spirit!