Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh. I guess she just went home?

In regard to missing ELS student Trang Nguyen, Jessica MacKinnon, director of public relations, emailed the Dominican community last Friday afternoon with another update: The River Forest Police Department confirmed that Ms. Nguyen flew from Chicago back home to Vietnam on October 8, the day before she was reported missing. "This announcement confirms the police department’s original contention that Ms. Nguyen left her dorm room at Concordia University on October 7 of her own accord," the email read.

We may not find out the reasons why, but it's curious how one can pack up, withdraw from school and fly to the other side of the world with NOBODY being aware of this. Even Nguyen's aunt, who told the press her niece was spotted at the 7-11 on October 7, said she believed the student was still in the United States.

I would imagine that there was somebody out there that knew she was leaving, but no one has spoken up. Sure, she could have packed her belongings in silence, booked a flight, hopped the CTA Blue Line to O'Hare, and flown to Vietnam of her own accord without telling anyone, but for someone who speaks little English and is new in this country, that's pretty bold. Her instructors didn't know? She didn't say goodbye to any friends or acquaintances? Or her family? I wonder what they have to say about all this! Especially since it was reported that she last told her friends that she "needed to get something from her dorm room."

Anyhow: it's possible, but not so plausible, and still quite strange to me.

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