Thursday, October 23, 2008 we go!

Photograph by Jamie Zwijack

Here we are...the first generation Dominican University bloggers! (Joe and Charlotte are not pictured) All nine students in Tracy Schmidt's journalism class are now on a new, mega-blog: DominiNET.

Co-Editor in Chief of DU's very own, The STAR, Tom Blackwell, came up with the name. It's catchy, and I like it. With time, Dominican students will be familiar with the term. Instead of covering a specific beat, as we've done so far this semester, we're expanding our horizons by writing on all topics relevant to the DU community.

This class has been AMAZING this semester. We've learned so much about the always-changing world of journalism many of us will follow on our career path. Dominican is taking one step in the right direction for journalism students! I hope many will frequent our collaborative blog not only as a source for DU news coverage, but also for entertainment. We have some very colorful, talented writers all on the same blog.

I think many will follow us (AND comment) on our journey as DU's FIRST GENERATION BLOGGERS!!!

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  1. This is an exciting development, and a great way to keep track of news on campus.