Monday, October 20, 2008

Amazing Possibilities Campaign Wraps Up

Dominican's "Amazing Possibilities" financial campaign has finally finished collecting money. The outcome? A cool $53.5 million, according to a headline on the Dominican homepage. So where is all this money going?

According to the campaign brochure, available in .pdf format here, the initial goal of the campaign was to raise $50 million for four different items: facilities, endowment, program support and the annual fund. The purpose of this fund raising was to expand Dominican's enrollment to potentially include 4,000 students by 2012. The plan designates certain amounts to be granted to each item on the list described above: $33.5 million going to facilities, $5.5 million to the endowment, $5 million to program support and $6 million to the annual fund.

So now that the campaign is complete, where does the extra money go? Is the university still paying for the new buildings, or is this extra money going to be put towards academics?

According to the brochure, a good chunk of the initial $50 million raised that doesn't go toward Parmer Hall, the parking garage and the Early Childhood Education Facility should be going toward academics. Program support and the endowment include academic programs and financial aid money for students, in addition to other issues that require money, such as student retention and recruitment.

Coming off such a successful campaign, I'm anxious to see what this extra financial boost brings to Dominican. We've already seen the incredible new buildings. With all that extra money, hopefully students will see more great academic programs and unique educational opportunities. That is, if our new buildings are fully paid for.

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