Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dominican Video Updates

The University has once again updated its videos page, adding two noteworthy clips.

The first clip is a 3-minute clip from the recent lecture by social activist Dolores Huerta, recorded on October 7. The second clip is something we haven't yet seen on the videos page: a news story. This clip, one-and-a-half-minute preview clip for the upcoming "Mr. Dominican Pageant," features a brief interview with Fashion Club president Shelley Hintmann describing the event as well as portions of a few contestants' auditions. The video clip straddles the balance between actually informing you of the event and giving you a preview of the hilarity that will probably ensue at the "Mr. Dominican Pageant."

This could be the start of something big, as I hinted at in a previous post. More video features like this one could be a great thing. Not only would these little videos arouse more interest in future events, but they're also fun and informative. Instead of students, faculty and staff reading the same old boring announcements on myDU or the Dominican homepage, they can actually get a good look at events and occurrences on campus.

I'm personally looking forward to seeing more of what the folks in the A/V branch of the OMC come up with here.


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  2. I saw the Mr. Dominican video this morning and I really enjoyed it. Props to the OMC. I think I might go to the Mr. Dominican pageant now because the video just made it seem so fun.