Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Midnight Madness

Since I was a Dominican cheerleader for my freshmen and sophomore year, I performed at Midnight Madness every year. This is my first year not performing because Dominican does not have a cheerleading squad anymore.

Midnight Madness promotes school spirit, but in my opinion but it is more stressful than fun. My freshmen year I had to leave night class early in order to make my call time. Last year our squad had to learn a cheer quickly since our tryouts were in mid September. The pep rally is early in the year, so it is hard putting together a cheer or a dance with new members. For cheerleaders, perfecting stunts, a dance and cheer could take months. It is difficult to put a routine like that together in only a month and a half. Also, the rally goes until 1 a.m. I know that if Midnight Madness was on a Friday night there would be less of a turn out, but it was always hard for me waking up for my classes the next day.

However, Wednesday night is the 10th Annual Midnight Madness pep rally. Both the mens and womens basketball team will have a scrimage to kick off the new season.


  1. I didn't even know we had cheerleaders! Cute pic.

    So midnight madness is basically a really late pep rally and sports game...?

  2. I am a big fan of midnight madness. I may have a bias as a former member of the women's basketball team. Either way it is a good time because their are games, prizes, food, etc. In a nut shell it is a kick-off pep rally for the men's and women's basketball season.