Monday, October 13, 2008

SGA...Slacking Government Awareness

So, guess what? SGA is still not doing their job effectively. In fact, we're almost half way done with this semester and SGA still has announcements on Campus News stating that they're in dire need for senators. Well, SGA, maybe if you actually got yourslef out there and tried to elevate your presence on campus, people would care.

For the last issue of the paper, I was responsible for taking care of Student Voices. The question was: What do you think SGA is doing for the student body?

Can I just tell you that I asked probably 20 different students that question. 13 of the 20 replied with, "Ummm, what's SGA?" or "I don't know what SGA is." The other seven people laughed at the question and uniquely answered with pretty much, "SGA does nothing!" One student even got very upset and stated that "SGA is a bunch of garbage. It's a bunch of individuals who think they have power but really don't." This anonymous person went on and on and on and some of his statement had to be censored.

I find it sad that in such a small school where everybody pretty much hears a little bit of everything, like it is in high school, no one had anything positive to say about the SGA. My best friend is a member of SGA. I've asked her what's their deal and she doesn't even know. My first post on SGA reflected my concern and frustration. Sadly, I still feel the same way. How about you? What do you think SGA does for the student body? Why do you think they still are in need of 2 Senior Senators, 1 Junior Senator and 2 Sophomore Senators?

Instead of the Student Government Association, I'm redefining SGA on this blog as SLACKING GOVERNMENT AWARENESS.

Thank you.

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