Thursday, October 16, 2008

Incidences in Power: Just between friends

Recently in Power Hall, there were slightly different messages containing racial slurs on the same dry erase board (i.e. one message was erased and another one was written on the board, etc.) outside on someone's door. The resident who lived in that room was contacted, according to Trudi Goggin, Dean of Students. While the initial impression was that the resident was being targeted, the person told Goggin that it was between him and friends. Because the issue was different from the graffiti incident in late September (where no one has been held accountable), a university-wide email has not been sent like with the graffiti incident.

Goggin told the resident that anything posted in a public area (i.e. outside one's door where it is viewable by anyone walking down the hallway) should not offend, injure or harass anyone who sees it. Anyone who sees an offensive message will not know the story behind it...that it was just something between friends. So, this is a cautionary lesson for residents: watch what you write.

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