Monday, October 13, 2008

Concordia University's Television Station

As you may or may not know, I will be working as a television news reporter within the next year...keep your fingers crossed! Over the summer, I worked at NBC5, composed a reporter reel/resume tape and had the best experiences ever. Now, while I'm in my senior year, I feel like I still need to be getting on-camera time so that everything I learned will stay fresh for when I'm out in the real world.

In order to keep getting that practice, I'm involved with Concordia University's television station. I'm in the process of putting a package on students' election reactions but it's a matter of time until it aires because my editor is a busy football player. I am also, along with my blog buddy Joe, setting up a weekly news show which will premiere Thursday....or Friday.

When I attended the meeting last week, I was completely shocked to find that more than half the students were from Dominican. Isn't that a little upsetting to any of you? I mean more of our peers are interested in getting broadcast experience than the students that have it at their fingertips. Susan Ericsson, the advisor for the media group, is a former DU professor and told me she doesn't think that DU is in the process of even thinking about new media opportunities for students.

I find this upsetting and actually somewhat offensive. If they can expand for science majors, why not expand for journalism, communication or even theatre majors? Our careers are just as important as those of other majors. If pre-med students can get HANDS ON experience dissecting a cadaver, then why can't we get HANDS ON experience with media??

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